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Orders need to be prepaid and placed no later than 4:00pm on the order deadline for the next monthly drop.

Pickup detials:
5:00 - 6:00 pm
14773 Lakeshore Drive
Clearlake, CA 95422

Order Deadline Delivery
January 20 January 24
February 17 February 21
March 17 March 21
April 14 April 18
May 19 May 23
June 16 June 20
July 21 July 25
August 18 August 22
September 15 September 19
October 20 October 24
November 17 November 21
December 15 December 19

Two ways to order...

Easy, Economical Online Ordering

  • Go to the Azure Standards website.
  • Set up an account by following the prompts on their site.
  • Order your first paper seasonal catalog free on line. After that they charge 45 cents for a new seasonal catalog with your order.
  • Compare prices. They carry quality, organic name brands but their prices aren't always less than the sale price in your local store.
  • Non food items are tax free.
  • Designate the Co-op's account number (561993) as your drop spot during check out.
  • Shop and place your order through their online catalog (Orders less than $50 placed individually are subject to a small order fee by Azure of no more than $5. You can alleviate this charge by combining your order with someone else's).
  • A 5% handling fee is paid to the Co-op when your order is picked up.

Fast, Friendly, No Fuss In-Person Ordering

  • Come into the Clearlake Drop Point during the Thursday night pick-up between 5:00 - 7:00pm
  • Peruse hard copy catalogs
  • A 10% handling fee is paid to the Co-op

For more information, contact [email protected] or call Russ Rubin at 707-987-9802.

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Member Testimonial

"Visit the Azure Standard site and browse what they have to offer. It is like having a huge health food store at your fingertips. And when you order through the Co-op you pay less in shipping and can order items that can't be sent UPS (like chocolate chips). Great products for decent prices. Looking for barbeque sauce without corn syrup in it? You will find several! Looking for snack crackers made without hydrogenated oil? Find them at Azure. It has been my experience that the prices are close to or better than the local health food store, with a larger selection. Baking mixes, beans, cereals, canned goods, dried fruits, jams, juices, nut butters, nuts, oils, pasta, seasonings, seeds, snacks, sweets, teas, and non-food items. Most food items include a list of ingredients and nutritional information. So there are no surprises. I received 2 orders from Azure(via UPS) the month before I discovered the Co-op. My husband and I quickly found items we want to buy again. I hope you will check it out and place an order through the Co-op."

- Co-op member SheilaG

Lake County Community Co-op