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Interested in co-creating your Co-op? Where does your passion
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Buying Club Committee
Contact: [email protected]

  • Member-Owner (Volunteer) Coordinator - Coordinate the member-owners for the different positions needed for Buying Club operations.
  • Training/Orientation - Assist Member-Owner Coordinator in training and orienting new member-owners on volunteer positions.
  • Manager Assistant - Assist ByC Manager in weekly operations.
  • Member Services - In person, phone and email assistance with members on issues related to FOODS and their account.
  • Box Fillers - Assist in filling boxes on Thursdays from 11-2 pm.
  • Overage Table Cashiers - Assist member purchase of overages on Thursdays from 4:30 - 7:30 pm.
  • Bookkeeper - Assist in the financial processes of the Buying Club.
  • Custodial Service - Assist in the clean up of the Buying Club on Thursdays after 7 pm.
  • After Hours Overage - Assist in distribution of overage on Thursdays after 7 pm.

Community Gardens Committee
Contact [email protected]

  • Gardeners - Love to get your hands dirty? Come play with the creation of the garden at the Highlands Senior Service Center.
  • Donate items needed for the new garden. (See the CG page for more info.)

Friday Night Farmers' Market
Contact [email protected]

  • Co-op Ambassadors - table for the Co-op at the FNFM
  • Press Release writer - attend the Market, or coordinate with the Manager, and write interesting releases each week on Market attendees.
  • Set up and breakdown helpers - help set up and/or take down tables, signage, etc. each Friday at the Market.

Education Committee
Contact [email protected]

  • Committee members interested in furthering the educational topics the Co-op undertakes.
  • Event Videographers - video our education events as well as other committee work
  • Video Editors - finish the production in the studio
  • LCCC Presents... Host - Host and narrate the Co-op’s educational series on a monthly basis. Helpful if educated in food system and organic issues and able to intelligently discuss and inquire with guests on tours and interviews. Strong public presence, clear communication and able to work closely with producer and videographer to direct event. Must be versed on all aspects of the Co-op’s work in community.

Executive Committee
Contact TBA

  • Board members - Come aboard to strengthen this dynamic team. Two positions are available.
  • Secretary - take notes of meetings and organize Co-op policies
  • Treasurer - Oversee the Co-op and CREATE’s financial secureness.
  • Grant Writer Liaison. Continue discussion and exploration with grant writer (Karen MacDougal) for CREATE and Co-op. Needs to be well versed in all aspects of the Co-op/CREATE's vision and opportunities for local food system funding.
  • Legal Liaison - Connect with necessary legal representation for the activities of the Co-op and CREATE.
  • Fund Raisers - Excited about what the Co-op is up to? Like to plan events? Help the Co-op and CREATE envision their funding future with fun, lively fundraising events.

Public Relations Committee
Contact TBA

  • Chair/Coordinator of Public Relations - Oversee all aspects of the organization’s public relations and coordinate member-owner volunteers. Be the clearing house for Co-op related press material organizing with each committee. Needs to have pulse of each committee and overview of direction of organization (big picture) and be able to translate that into press-ready material, or guide committee reps to do so. Will provide final proofing of material before release to media to maintain consistency of message and be PR contact for organization.
  • Press Release Coordinator - Prepare and/or edit press materials for individual committees.
  • Co-op Ambassadors - Present the Co-op, its missions and current activities in community, to public through various avenues, including radio interviews, service club organization speaking and other public venues as necessary. Needs to have pulse of organization and a strong grasp of Co-op's visions, missions and current projects. Needs good public speaking skills and presence.
  • Lake County Local Food Roundtable Representative - Attend monthly meetings and represent the Co-op's interest in the local food system. Must be clear of Co-op’s interests and concerns (e.g., organic, GE Free, etc.).
  • Coordinate ENEWS. Needs to provide written material to iContactmaster (currently Eric & Liz Cox) for Locavore News and/or coordinate with committees and compile information to be included. Needs to have pulse of each committee and Core Council, and an overview of direction of organization (big picture) and be able to gather pertinent data that needs to be communicated to membership.
  • Survey generation. Able to create clear and concise survey questions and upload questions into iContact. Will coordinate with iContactmaster to release surveys through appropriate channels (ENEWS and/or website). Communicates with committees for needs and assessment.
  • Webmaster liaison. Connect and coordinate website content with webmasters (currently Eric & Liz Cox), and graphic designer (Kathy Wolden) when necessary, as communicated through the committees. Needs to have pulse of committee and organization to help maintain a consistency in web content.
  • Social Media Developer and Coordinator - Unleash the Co-op/CREATE onto the Web through the various social media opportunities. Maintain, monitor and report on effect to organization.

Member Relations Committee
Contact [email protected]

  • Spring Fling and Gratitude Celebration organizers
  • Communication coordinator to the members
  • Membership drive coordinator
  • Member-Owner Coordinator - Help the individual committees secure the member-owners necessary to complete the goals of the Co-op.
  • Phone Monitor - Monitor the Co-op’s Skype phone on a regular basis and answer general questions on the Co-op; forward other calls to appropriate Co-op committee/member.

Drop Point Hosts
Contact [email protected]


“Self-organizing groups of individuals have been continuously creating social capital for themselves through our evolutionary history. They have managed to respond creatively to the challenges of past disruptions.”
~Bela Banathy

Lake County Community Co-op