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Barber's Country Farm & Nursery
Rick & Laura Barber

Kelseyville, CA

4680 Clark Drive
Kelseyville, CA 95451
[email protected]
707-279-8022 (home)
707-349-2518 (work)
707-349-2518 (cell)
Product Types: tomotoes, squash, melons, eggplant, okra, corn, eggplant, cucumbers, peppers,

About Us
Barber’s County Farm & Nursery is located at the base of Beautiful Mount Konocti, in a little friendly country town by the name of Kelseyville. The owners, Rick and Laura Barber moved to the farm in 1998.Five years ago the first green house was built and by 2009 we have grown to four green houses, a mix room, and a vegetable stand. In mid April we start selling vegetable plants and flower starts. We mix all of our soils here at the farm, and we are organic. This produces a beautiful well balanced plant that will produce wonderful fruits and vegetables all season long. We grow all of our vegetable and flower plant starts for our own garden, this way we know which plants do the best here in Lake County. Our one acre garden starts producing fresh organic fruit and vegetables around mid- June. We specialize in heirloom Tomatoes, Melons, Squash, Peppers, Eggplant, Okra, and much more. We sell at most of the local Farmer’s Markets, which are located in Hidden Valley Lake, the City of Clearlake, and Kelseyville. We also sell vegetables at the farm which is located at 4680 Clark Drive in Kelseyville. How we got started: In 2004 I built the first greenhouse. I built it so we could have nice vegetable plants for our own garden in the spring, but the spring of 2004 my job in construction started early that year, so I had a greenhouse full of plants, so brought some of my plants to the stores in town to see if they would like to buy them…they loved my plants, and I sold them all. And that’s how Barber’s Country Farm and Nursery got started. Today we have four greenhouses, a shade structure, a soil mix room, and a vegetable stand, every year we expand, this year we expanded on our garden, from a ½ acre to a full acre, so next year we will have a lot more fresh vegetables to choose from. I always have lots of beautiful flowers in our garden to add color, personality, and attitude, it also brings in lots bees that are needed for any garden, this year we have well over 500 sunflowers through out our garden… so please take time and stop by and visit us here at the farm. We have tables set up so you can sit and enjoy the garden and visit with a friend.

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We build all of our own soils with certified organic materials and are CCOF Certified Organic

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