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Ancient Lake Gardens
grover stock & monte black

Kelseyville, CA

8993 Soda Bay Rd
Kelseyville, CA 95451
[email protected]
805.835.9995 (cell)
Product Types: vegetables, fruits, nuts, crafts (wooden Waldorf crafted toys and handmade dolls)

About Us
We started planting trees twenty years ago and haven't stopped. We love to eat really well and share the harvests. So, we grow heirloom vegetables and hardy fruits and perennial crops, including berries and nuts. We love to share knowledge and meals, music and art. The land is home to Waldorf Education toy makers and artists, Christine Schreier who produces a line of one of a kind handcrafted dolls and Bill Bluhm, who crafts wooden gnome homes and unique children's toys. Look for community events in the soon to be solar powered straw-bale barn and our once a year grape crushing festival in October.

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Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
The land has been managed and certified according to the California Certified Organic Farmers' (CCOF) regulations, but now we've begun implementing Biodynamic practices and applying for Stellar and Demeter certification. While Biodynamic (BD) and organic agriculture share many of the same practices--composting, cover cropping and crop rotation--Biodynamics strives to express the 'individuality'� of each farm, and recognizes the many subtle influences of astrological and lunar cycles on soil health, plant vitality, and biological diversity. We've begun integrating Permacultural practices--ecological design patterns that mimic the diversity, resiliency, and abundance of natural ecosystems. Permaculture designs range from urban centers, rural farms/ranches, and even entire bioregions, weaving agriculture, shelter, energy, livestock, wildlife, forestry, water/waste management. These integrated holograms are capable of yielding far more than their conventional counterparts, reclaiming devastated lands, rolling back deserts, and creating earth-based livelihoods.

Highlights this Month
In September we have sweet Zinfandel table grapes(better at this stage for eating than for wine, and zucheta/trombocino squash

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